Monocouche Renders

Monocouche Renders

Through coloured monocouche rendersMonocouche Renders, 

Are renders that provide a decorative finish that is applied by trowel to the outside of a buildings walls to provide both decoration and protection from the elements.

The term monocouche is a French phrase that has been adopted by the European render industry.

In an attempt to distinguish modern renders and their application methods from those of  a more traditional nature the term monocouche refers to more advanced render formulations that can be applied in one coat, that are supplied ready mixed suitable for hand and machine application.

Through colour render

Or a scraped finish render are also indications that a monocouche type product is what is being used.

Monocouche Render is distinguished by the use of White Portland Cement as a binder which then enables the formulation to be coloured. The addition of pigments gives the manufacturer the opportunity to produce a colour range and employ the term through colour render as when the product is applied and finished the pigment is already in place all the way through the render.

A traditional render would have to receive a coat of paint to achieve a coloured decorative finish which would require repainting periodically.