Helical Bar Repairs

Crack stitching bars are a permanent solution for masonry repairs and cracked wall reinforcement. helical bars are simply and effectively inserted into the mortar bed across cracks in walls to reconnect and strengthen masonry. The most common problem we use this for is to repair cracks that appear vertically between windows and doors, mainly because they have been replaced with uPVC frames with no lintel to support the weight of the brickwork above. Stainless steel brick stitching ties have immense tensile strength yet are designed to allow the building to still expand and contract the way it should.

There are many other repairs that can be made with helical bars, they include:

-Crack stitching

-Repair of brick or stone bays

-Creating expansion/movement joints

-Repairing brick arch lintels

-Replacing cavity wall ties

-Reconnecting internal walls with external walls

-Repairing Cracks near openings and corners

-Creating masonry beams

-Repairing cracks in random stone walls

The benefits:

-Allows for building movement

-High tensile strength with mortar and adhesive

-Very economical compared with other alternative methods

-Completely out of sight once installed

-Avoids expensive and disruptive demolition and rebuilding

-Minimal disruption to the building and occupants

-Spreads loads